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I Love You and Thank You

It's been three months since Michael died. When The Beautiful One returned from her last visit with him and his devoted life partner Jody, she knew much more intimately the . . . [Read More]

Unruly Books: Is Home Your Happy Place? (June)

We are going to read my book Is Home Your Happy Place? together. I know, I know. How exciting might it be to read a book about clutter? Well, it's not . . . [Read More]

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Unruly Rants


There was this piece of me—a young, vulnerable, desperate piece of me—who begged for someone to finally just tell me who the hell I was supposed to be, or do, or what my life was supposed to be about. Every time life intensified, waves of hysteria would swell from deep within me, the fear that I’d get it wrong… that I couldn’t trust myself to know what was true for me. I felt terrified that, without external guidance, my life would be wasted.

But then I started to explore what one of my early teachers called “the spirituality of the self”. I studied the way I reacted to the world around me, the way I allowed certain relationships, circumstances, and experiences to affect me. I learned I was powerful, far more powerful than I’d ever imagined, and that I could change reality by changing the way I was showing up in the world. In time, I released what no longer served me and made space for my truth to become my life. The artist, the lover, the priestess, the mother, the healer, the dancer, the writer . . . one discovery at a time, I hosted a reunion of the pieces of my soul.

This transformation was possible because of the supports I cultivated for myself along the way.  My blog is an extension of my journals. I use it to share the lessons I’ve learned, powerful resources, and inspiring stories of my clients’ transformations. Dig in and find the information and inspiration you need today and keep coming back when you need another dose! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email me your question and I’ll see what I can find for you.

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July 28, 2014

Dreamy Life Tip: Collaborate With Your Higher Self


Your higher self is the one that calls to you from deep within. It’s the voice that speaks so clearly that you sometimes fear that it’s not your truth, but rather your brain crafting whatever convenient messages you really want to hear.  It’s tempting to dismiss this gift of your own intuition, especially when it calls you to take actions that make you squirm. But this is your voice. This is your ultimate knowing.

Listening to your higher self, honoring the whispers of your own intuition, is how you commune with the Divine within you. This is how your higher self and your human self co-create the life that you came here to live.

That voice speaks your truth.


Every day, align your human experience with your truth, then the rest of what you need and desire will unfold before you. This is the path we are on, the journey back to wholeness. Anything else is a distraction for which we do not have time.

Living your truth may run counter to all of the training that you have received up until now. But those stories are not living your dream. They are about other people’s dreams for you. That’s not what your life is supposed to be about. That’s not for you.

Your life is yours to live. Your truth is waiting for you.

And you are worth it. Yes, I’m sure.

As always, if you need support, I’m here.