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I Love You and Thank You

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Unruly Books: Is Home Your Happy Place? (June)

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Unruly Rants


There was this piece of me—a young, vulnerable, desperate piece of me—who begged for someone to finally just tell me who the hell I was supposed to be, or do, or what my life was supposed to be about. Every time life intensified, waves of hysteria would swell from deep within me, the fear that I’d get it wrong… that I couldn’t trust myself to know what was true for me. I felt terrified that, without external guidance, my life would be wasted.

But then I started to explore what one of my early teachers called “the spirituality of the self”. I studied the way I reacted to the world around me, the way I allowed certain relationships, circumstances, and experiences to affect me. I learned I was powerful, far more powerful than I’d ever imagined, and that I could change reality by changing the way I was showing up in the world. In time, I released what no longer served me and made space for my truth to become my life. The artist, the lover, the priestess, the mother, the healer, the dancer, the writer . . . one discovery at a time, I hosted a reunion of the pieces of my soul.

This transformation was possible because of the supports I cultivated for myself along the way.  My blog is an extension of my journals. I use it to share the lessons I’ve learned, powerful resources, and inspiring stories of my clients’ transformations. Dig in and find the information and inspiration you need today and keep coming back when you need another dose! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email me your question and I’ll see what I can find for you.

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January 15, 2014

Music: Enjoy An “Empire State of Mind”


Grew up in a town that is famous as a place of movie scenes
Noise is always loud, there are sirens all around and the streets are mean
If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere, that’s what they say
Seeing my face in lights or my name in marquees found down on Broadway

It’s been four years since JAY Z and Alicia Keys released “Empire State of Mind” and still, it’s like a brick to the head every time I hear it. Before, Alicia Keys released a solo version of that song and before I continue, I hope you’ll take a moment to enjoy it. (I seriously love this song.)

Empire State of Mind (Part II)

A great deal of the work that I do with my clients is about making changes. And whether we want to change our city or our body, our relationship status or our paycheck, the shift usually starts by changing the way we think about it. If our old way of thinking made life as we know it today, we need a new way of thinking to cultivate the new results.

I can tell you that for you to make the change, you have to think differently but that’s not usually enough to get it done. Even a well-intentioned call for a better attitude falls short. You need–oh heck, we all need–to be gifted a new way to see. That’s what this song does for me.

When I listen to the lyrics (of either version) of that song, I am reminded that we can’t write a song like that unless we are living wide awake to what’s going on around us. I’m writing today to challenge you to listen, perhaps again and again, until you can find a new way of being to play with this week.

On the avenue, there ain’t never a curfew, ladies work so hard
Such a melting pot, on the corner selling rock, preachers pray to God
Hail a gypsy cab, takes me down from Harlem to the Brooklyn Bridge
Some will sleep tonight with a hunger for more than an empty fridge

In New York City, they’ve got a sacred mix of people and places, gifts and challenges, spirits and states that make it the place uniquely New York City. Your city has the same. Do you know about it? Are you fully experiencing your city? If you’re not, dig in today. Wake up to what’s being offered to you!

See like a photographer. Eat like it’s your job to critique it. Engage the people you encounter like you are writing an article about the experience. Explore your space like I was going to ask you to write a song about it. I won’t… but I’d love to hear from you if this shifts the way you see your world today.

an untrained eye via Flickr
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