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Unruly Rants


There was this piece of me—a young, vulnerable, desperate piece of me—who begged for someone to finally just tell me who the hell I was supposed to be, or do, or what my life was supposed to be about. Every time life intensified, waves of hysteria would swell from deep within me, the fear that I’d get it wrong… that I couldn’t trust myself to know what was true for me. I felt terrified that, without external guidance, my life would be wasted.

But then I started to explore what one of my early teachers called “the spirituality of the self”. I studied the way I reacted to the world around me, the way I allowed certain relationships, circumstances, and experiences to affect me. I learned I was powerful, far more powerful than I’d ever imagined, and that I could change reality by changing the way I was showing up in the world. In time, I released what no longer served me and made space for my truth to become my life. The artist, the lover, the priestess, the mother, the healer, the dancer, the writer . . . one discovery at a time, I hosted a reunion of the pieces of my soul.

This transformation was possible because of the supports I cultivated for myself along the way.  My blog is an extension of my journals. I use it to share the lessons I’ve learned, powerful resources, and inspiring stories of my clients’ transformations. Dig in and find the information and inspiration you need today and keep coming back when you need another dose! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email me your question and I’ll see what I can find for you.

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February 15, 2014

Music: “Heal Me”


I love music. Although I am not particularly musically inclined (read: not even remotely musically inclined), I truly love listening, dancing, and driving to good music.

Few things are more invigorating than a long ride home in my wee Jetta with the wind swirling about, clearing space in my head–or maybe getting me out of my head–for the healing power of song. It cleanses my soul. Today it’s Melissa Etheridge’s “Heal Me” from her 2001 album, Skin. She sings of the creation of something beautiful, of accepting the healing journey that so many of us have chosen.

If intuitive coaching has a theme song, today, it is this one. Many moons from now, when my ‘war’ is over, I like to imagine that a suspiciously diverse collection of people whom I loved and served during my life will gather for a righteous celebration. I hope they tell about their extraordinary lives, about the thrill of accepting their own invitations to create something beautiful instead of talking meaninglessly about the desperate insignificance of a blank canvas, and I hope they dance to this song.

Heal Me
Melissa Etheridge
(It’s not an official video but if you want to hear the song, click here.)

Ain’t it crazy
For a moment there
This felt just like dying
But now I see that something inside
Is coming alive
Ain’t it crazy

No use running from a revolution
I just surrender to this evolution

Heal me lift me
Take me to the other side
Amazing grace
Has touched my face
And the sweet sound doesn’t lie

Ain’t it crazy
For a moment there
I just gave up trying
But now I see
You can let the light in
You can begin again
Ain’t it crazy
I lay me down in this sweet perfection
I am a witness to my resurrection

Heal me lift me
Take me to the waterside
Drop me in let me swim
Let everyone know
I’ll be coming home again

Make no mistake
I’m wide-awake
Ain’t it crazy

Heal me lift me
Take me to the other side
I’ll take what I’ve earned
These lessons I’ve learned
I’m ready for the ride
Heal me lift me
Take me and my soul will fly
My battered heart will make a new start
Let everyone know
I’ll be coming home again
Heal me lift me
Take me to the waterside
Drop me in
Come on and watch me swim
Let everyone know
I’ll be coming home again

© 2001 Melissa Etheridge

What’s your theme song, today? Is it inspiring you to create something beautiful or enabling you to wallow in the emptiness of your blank canvas?

Robert Agthe via Flickr
As always, if you need support, I’m here.