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Is Home Your Happy Place?
We make our environment
and it makes us right back.

I Love You and Thank You

It's been three months since Michael died. When The Beautiful One returned from her last visit with him and his devoted life partner Jody, she knew much more intimately the . . . [Read More]

Unruly Books: Is Home Your Happy Place? (June)

We are going to read my book Is Home Your Happy Place? together. I know, I know. How exciting might it be to read a book about clutter? Well, it's not . . . [Read More]

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Sales is not my gig. Instead, I offer what I love and you decide if it feels true for you based on the intensity and nature of your need for support and the time, energy, and money you have to invest.

(Yes, I know this is not “normal” but, I promise, it’s okay.)

What follows is a list of ways we can work together. This page will be updated as the options evolve throughout the year. The options are ordered such that those at the top require the most investment.

Disclaimer: If I have to convince you to say yes to collaborating with me, it’s probably not yet time. The desire for change has to burn within you, the ache needs to be stronger than the fear of change, the drive stronger than your old, tired doubt. Your yes has to be stronger than your no. This is true of all things that you can use to cultivate change.

Private Sessions – $125

This is the most powerful, most straightforward option. A 60-minute intuitive reading can be used to explore whatever hurts, confuses, overwhelms, or just isn’t working the way you want it to. Multiple session package rates are available. Email me to schedule a session.

Travel Lightly Project – From $149/mo

This is six-months of life-changing goodness. You’ll heal your space and then your heart. You will find that thing you’re aching for create the space to make it happen. The first Travel Lightly Project begins Jan 9th. Click here to learn more…

Local Twin Cities Women’s Circle – $99/mo

This circle is currently forming for women who want deep support and connection with other open-hearted, like-minded women. This circle is a six month commitment and will begin in January. Email me to learn more.

Deep Dive Circle – From $25/mo

This virtual community is a safe space for women to connect and receive support while they do The Work. The 2017 DDC is up and running and waiting for you. Click here to learn more…

Spirit Gathering – $20 Love Offering

Local Twin Cities Unrulies gather (usually) on the first and third Fridays of each month for a group reading and togetherness. Virtual Spirit Gatherings are new this year for those who live elsewhere. Details via Meetup and FB, or email.

Front Porch – You pick the price.

On the 3rd Friday of each month, I do The Thing without appointments necessary. Calls last up to 30 minutes and you pay whatever feels true for you when it’s over. So easy, so powerful.

The Book – From $5.99

Is Home Your Happy Place? The Unruly Woman’s Approach to Space Healing is the book I wrote after teaching the workshop for four years.  Get yours here

Free Stuff

I’d love to send you a little love note by email every week. And my goal in 2017 is to get back to blogging.  Also, social media connections are celebrated (links to the right).

Yes, I know. That’s a lot to choose from. But you’re a smart, powerful woman. Trust yourself and say yes. If you’re still unsure, let’s connect and figure it out together.

What is “Intuitive Guidance” and where do the messages come from?

What can I expect from a Private Session or a Front Porch visit?

How do I know when it’s time to say yes?

If one session helps, can more sessions help more?