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Is Home Your Happy Place?
We make our environment
and it makes us right back.

I Love You and Thank You

It's been three months since Michael died. When The Beautiful One returned from her last visit with him and his devoted life partner Jody, she knew much more intimately the . . . [Read More]

Unruly Books: Is Home Your Happy Place? (June)

We are going to read my book Is Home Your Happy Place? together. I know, I know. How exciting might it be to read a book about clutter? Well, it's not . . . [Read More]

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Intuitive Guidance

Short answer: I help you reconnect with your truth.

The longer version begins with a little background. I believe that we are born with our hearts and minds intact, with both of them working together seamlessly to inspire and guide us through purposeful and passionate life experiences.

When we come into this world—setting aside karma, past lives, sacred contracts, and what-not for another conversation—we are tiny, completely whole creatures that are ready to grow up and do the thing we were made to do. (Note the big-picture vision of each human living their purpose so that the world can be the magical, peaceful place it has the potential to be.)

But childhood is rarely the kind of secure experience it needs to be for us to just grow up and passionately live our purpose. Perhaps that fact feels like a tragedy to you, but I’m fueled by optimism and it’s always felt incredibly purposeful to me. The less than ideal (or downright traumatic) experiences seem to cultivate the exact conditions that make it possible for us to be who we came to this life to be.

Regardless of one’s position on the tragic or magical nature of heartbreak, what’s clear to me is that the untended ones accumulate between the heart and mind, creating space that interrupts the heart/mind oneness. The gap between them is where chaos thrives.

When there’s so much chaos that we cannot hear the communication from our higher selves, or that we cannot believe in it enough to act on what we hear, we feel lost, invisible, or overwhelmed. We can’t connect with ourselves enough to hear and align with our own intuitive guidance.

As an intuitive guide, when I collaborate with you to address whatever human experience challenges you bring to the table, I bring three things that create the catalytic effect. First, I ask powerful questions that allow us to dig deep into the roots of the matter at hand. Next, I share stories from my personal and professional experiences that help you better understand your situation and how to shift it. Finally, and this is when the real magic takes place, I deliver specific messages from what I like to call “the voices in my head.”

Those messages are one of my favorite things about being this exact creature, and they are one of the most powerful tools I have to cultivate change in the world.

The best part about this: they aren’t my voices. I get them from you. I “hear” the guidance that your empowered, divine, and knowing higher self is offering you—the messages that your chaos keeps you from hearing or believing.

This process isn’t about you learning my modalities. It isn’t about me telling you what I think you should do or be. It isn’t about me offering my solutions for your problems.

The thing I do helps reconnect you with your truth. This allows you to begin to align your daily actions with the guidance that is true for you . . . because it comes from you. The more you align your self with your truth, the more healthy and abundant your human experience becomes.

This journey is about releasing all that no longer serves you from that space between your heart and mind, so that you may return to wholeness. I call it personal evolution, the radically loving journey that you’ll take back to the truth of who you are.