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Is Home Your Happy Place?
We make our environment
and it makes us right back.

I Love You and Thank You

It's been three months since Michael died. When The Beautiful One returned from her last visit with him and his devoted life partner Jody, she knew much more intimately the . . . [Read More]

Unruly Books: Is Home Your Happy Place? (June)

We are going to read my book Is Home Your Happy Place? together. I know, I know. How exciting might it be to read a book about clutter? Well, it's not . . . [Read More]

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Sick of Being Stuck September – The Anniversary Edition


Did you know that we make our environment and it makes us right back? It is the 5-year anniversary of the first Sick of Being Stuck September workshop and I love this work more than ever.

“This work” is space healing.
(It’s more than clutter-clearing.)

I’m talking about space healing. Our homes are the heart of our lives. When they are chaotic, cluttered, or uninspiring it is merely a reflection of what is going on inside of us. Look around, what do you see? How far is it from how you feel?

I’m talking about the clothes that no longer fit, gifts that just don’t feel true, the art and craft supplies that are (still) just supplies because they haven’t yet become art or craft. I’m talking about dead people’s things and remnants of life already left behind. I’m talking about unrealized dreams and unfulfilled promises. I’m talking about the big stuff that you’ve been avoiding.

Try it for yourself.

Before I ask for your yes, I want to give you a taste of the solutions I’m offering. Take 5 minutes and go to the closet or bathroom or overrun surface of your choice. FIND 27 THINGS that no longer serve you and donate, recycle, or throw them away.

Seriously, take the 5 minutes RIGHT now. Gather 27 things to release. Let them go.

Feels better, right? I know it does, even without waiting for your answer. I’ve done this over and over and over again during the last five years and the energy shift always happens. Does it mean you’re done with space healing? No, probably not, but you’ve started and that’s what matters most.

Space healing is about getting unstuck.

You deserve to have your life be about living instead of avoiding all that you’re trying to outrun. Sick of Being Stuck September – The Anniversary Edition is about shaking up our energy and time and relationships and space. It’s a general pick-me-up experience to breathe life back into your life. Is that something that resonates for you?

Say yes to you. You deserve this — the support, inspiration, and information it takes to take back your life.  Yes, I’m sure.

The Book

Is Home Your Happy Place? is my book about space healing. It’s a great resource to support you during this journey. You can click here to learn more about Happy Place!

BONUS: If you register with one private session, I’ll gift you the e-book version of your choice. And if you register with two or more private sessions, I will mail you a signed copy to enjoy or gift to a friend.

The Facts

Sick of Being Stuck September – The Anniversary Edition
Nothing is “required” (because you’re grown) but the more you attend the group calls (or at least listen later), engage in the private Facebook group, and make space for the action challenges (look for 15 minutes a day to start), the more dramatically your world will shift.

This workshop is intentionally designed to accommodate those who have lots of commitments, big messes, and a shortage of time. I’m not afraid of your limitations—physical, mental, relational, energetic, emotional, or otherwise. I’ve seen and worked with people with all manner of obstacles. The ONLY people I haven’t been able to help are the ones who are unwilling to engage in the experience. Bring your reality, whatever it is, and cultivate the change you desire.

We start soon.

We will begin Sick of Being Stuck September – The Anniversary Edition on September 9, 2016. This workshop is a guided experience but it is incredibly flexible.

We will have group calls. They help. A lot.

We will have group calls on Mondays at 7:30 pm Central.

We will have daily challenges. They also help.

This is a guided experience, but it is incredibly flexible. If you have a vacation planned, take it. We’ll still be kicking ass when you return. (In fact, the Happy Place methods can be returned to after a break for vacation, unwellness, romantic distractedness, creative benders, drunken stupors, and the remarkably common “I don’t want to do this” detour. Yes, that means it’s 100% compatible with real life.)

We will meet online in a private Facebook group. It’s epic.

I’ve seen how radically different your experience can be if you participate. I know that what’s going to happen in there is worth signing in for and staying connected. It’s where I’ll post challenges every day, where you’ll ask questions of me and your peers, and where I’ll share tips and brainstorm solutions unique to your situation.

This is a virtual workshop. You can be wherever you are.

The experience will be more effective if you’re able to spend some time in the spaces that need healing. This means home and work and cars and wherever else you left a trail of debris (mom’s house, storage units, former partner’s house, etc.) The information, inspiration, and support will be delivered in a private Facebook group.


Questions & Answers About Happy Place

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Can my people come heal their space, too?

I took SOBS/Clean Slate/Tame Your Space before. Will this still be helpful for me?

Do you promise it will work?

More Questions?